Ramiro Fauve

Ramiro Fauve is a designer, artist and musician with a love for expressionist art. His background in commercial art has also instilled in him an appreciation for pictorial, photorealistic work. Working primarily in the advertising and film industries, his projects have ranged from miniatures to canvases, sculpture and fabrication, to backings and mega-murals (400’-long LA Marathon mural in Los Angeles.)

Fauve enjoys acrylics and oils on canvas above all else. He chooses themes from his rich life experience as a late 60’s child growing up in a politically active household, traveling and touring extensively, and draws from his varied perspectives as a creative, socially concerned artist.


If there is such thing as slavery to line and balance, call me a prisoner. Maybe it’s my nature as a Libra, but I think it’s less celestial than that; it’s a matter of emotional aesthetic. Besides, interesting things happen when carelessness intersects with exactitude.

Art, for me needs to convey the secret dialogue between artist and model, method and subject. I cannot drop the brush until I’ve said three things: 1) I can damn paint 2) I made my point 3) That was rough.

As a designer, artist and musician I hold a passion for expressionism. My commercial background has instilled in me an appreciation for tight, large-scale pictorial work; however, I seem to derive greater freedom and satisfactin from my comparatively petite canvases. I’m also certainly more concerned with how a piece feels rather than how it should look. As a 60’s child I tend to rebel against form anyhow; one can restrain only so much.

Bold color, stroke and punchy design are emotional escapes as are calm, sensual tone progressions. This captive is always speaking to the heart of the piece while giving the eye its candy. 



Fauve is best known for the 400 feet-long “LA Marathon, Year 2026” mural on the I-10 in Los Angeles and his Tupac Shakur painting “Tupac Starry Night” for the album “R U Still Down?” He is an accomplished musician and highly sought-after designer, muralist and commissioned artist recognized for his unique photorealistic, expressionist-flavored work.

Fauve studied art privately in 1973 with Charles Nevad. In 1974 he painted his first mural with the late Los Angeles-based muralist/ activist Eva Cockcroft in Warrensburg, New York. The mural was called “Which River” and was approximately 20 feet X 100 feet, depicting the water pollution problems encountered by the town.

Assisting muralist David Larks in 1986 on the 70 feet X 100 feet Mike Sciocia/Nike mural in downtown LA, he furthered his art knowledge from this talented artist. A year later, they became partners in AdRem Creative, painting murals across the US. They appeared regularly on local and national news for their mega-mural work, such as the 70 feet X 90 feet Bo Jackson/Nike mural at Hollywood and Vine, and the giant Reebok Final Four murals in Kansas City and Denver.

Fauve formed his own company, Fauve Creations in 1991, offering computer and traditional graphic design services, paintings and backings for film and television, web design, sculpture, fabrication and construction.

Born in Argentina, Fauve discovered an outlet for creative expression in his youth through art and song. Civil rights, 60’s anti-war efforts, the struggles of farm workers, socio/political contribution, participation, passion and commitment were all hallmarks of his family upbringing. His real father was Carlos Fernandez Fauvety, a singer, musician and filmmaker- now deceased. His mother, Suni Paz, is a veteran activist folk singer and educator (Smithsonian Folkways label). His stepfather is sociologist Dale L. Johnson, who has written many textbooks on the subject.

A musician since the age of nine, Fauve sings, has written over a thousand songs, plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and the South American percussion instrument called the bombo, performing on numerous albums and on stage. He has released two of his own CD’s, Fauve / Outta the Blue (solo folk rock) and O / See What You Want (progressive rock with friend and collaborator Sam Glaser). He regularly lends his skills as producer, arranger, and engineer.

He accompanies Paz in live concerts and on her many folk and children’s educational CD’s. Over the years, they have collaborated on countless projects for Del Sol Books, Houghton-Mifflin and many others. In 2006 he joined her on her latest Smithsonian Folkways Records release called Bandera Mia (Flag of Mine) acting as co-producer and arranger. He also lent his talents as vocalist, guitarist and percussionist. He is still writing and performing his music today with solo projects and with his progressive rock band called O.

Through exposure to his mother’s collaboration with such legends as Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Arlo Guthrie, Fauve came to understand the importance of communicating positive, progressive views, and indeed to stand and be counted. His personal works evoke a longing to express love, empathy and a deeper perception of the world.